Mother, New Album


The genesis of the duet partnership of pianist Jacky Terrasson and trumpeter/flugelhornist Stephane Belmondo stretches back 30 years. Close friends from their days living and playing in Paris and then while band mates in vocalist Dee Dee Bridgewater’s groups in the mid-‘90s, the pair enjoyed a simpatico musical relationship. But they lost contact over the years until six years ago when they reconnected and played a duo show in the south of France. That proved to be the seed of their sublime duo album on Impulse, Mother, that was recorded last fall and in April of this year at Recall Studios in the southern France village of Pompignan. Read More…

Love for Chet (English)

Jazz is a filiation music: artists find themselves spiritual fathers and mothers, influences draw complex and diverse genealogies. But sometimes chance helps a bit our destiny and we make important encounters, like a dubbing or a symbolic adoption. That’s what happened to Stephane Belmondo. That’s what he remembers today beautifully through his music. The story started in the 1980s, when Stephane Belmondo, young trumpeter came from the South of France where he was born to the capital. He used to live in Parisian clubs almost every day. One evening, he is playing at the Palace, a place that doesn’t exist anymore, Chet Baker comes to hear him, a jazzmen habit, and pretends to be very distrait. But at the end of the concert, Chet invites him to play the next day with him at the New Morning. At the same place, the next day, he introduces him to his public as the most promising trumpeter of the European continent, before letting him on the stage for a long time. From this encounter will follow long duo instrumental conversations during Chet’s visits in Paris, until his tragic death a few months after in Amsterdam, 1988. In between, something was born for these two artists, something beyond words that only music could express. Love, yes, like between a son and his father and it took the form of an album: Love For Chet. This album, Stephane Belmondo could have done it earlier. Capitalise on a legend, exploit this filiation. He preferred to make his career on his own, without having to mention his predecessors, counting on his own talent. He is definitely one of the most authentic jazzmen in the tradition of this music, but still free and able of an amazing lyricism, an endless energy, equalling all the famous trumpeters from the elite. Read More…